Our Work


Needed to create a Snapchat  story from their TV footage to reach a younger audience.


We resized their standard 16:9 footage, adding animated overlays and captions to transform the footage into Snapchat-optimised content.


Were in need of an engaging product explainer to increase downloads of their new app.


We created a lively animation with a stomp soundtrack to illustrate the key features of the product.


Needed a snappy Instagram Story to grow their New Zealand customer base in the UK.

We chose the best bits from their 16:9 footage and transformed them into a fast-paced, captioned story.


Needed to make an Instagram advert promoting their new Hard Seltzer line, but only had mock-up product images.

We took these still images and brought them to life using animation. 


Wanted to create a snappy animated GIF to help drive clothes donations to their stores.

We brought some stock imagery to life and made a short call to action for BHF's social followers. 


Wanted to visually re-purpose their blog content for social media.
We brought their blog to life by animating the key takeaways in a simple, short video designed for social. 

Blockchain Live

Needed to turn event-shot footage into informative social content that would boost future ticket sales.


Using animated transitions, overlays, and captions we transformed the talking heads clips into a polished and professional video. 

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