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Our Top 7 Free Stock Video Resources for Marketers

One of the key issues with producing video content is that it’s often time-consuming and expensive to get a team together to go and shoot fresh footage.

And when trying to produce video content at scale for social audiences, a lot of the time it’s hard to justify spending the time and money on production, when the ROI is hard to prove.

However, the demand from online audiences for video content continues to grow, so brands and marketing teams need ways to cost-effectively continue to increase their video content output, while not compromising on quality.

Videoprawn’s unlimited video editing service is designed to help brands achieve just this, but we have also put together a short list of valuable free resources to help video marketers keep up with video demand, while also keeping costs down.

Let’s go.

1. Pexels Video

Best for: anything and everything

At Videoprawn we regularly use Pexels for finding hi-res B-roll footage for certain projects. It’s a really handy free online library of both high-quality pictures and videos.

These are all commons-free, meaning that they can be used commercially and without the need to credit anybody.

One bonus is that it has a great search function, making it easy to find videos of specific content, and includes a good amount of vertical footage.

If you use the service a lot, and in particular the content of one specific contributor, it might be nice to drop them a couple of pounds donation to help them continue doing what they do.

2. Coverr

Best for: travel and nature

Coverr is similar to Pexels, however it is solely a video library without the option of static images. It also benefits from having a powerful search function, as well as well-indexed tag categories to help with finding specific footage.

Like pexels, Coverr offers a good variety of vertical footage as well as traditional 16:9 videos, all of a high-quality.

The videos on Coverr are free to use commercially and without needing to credit the video creators, however it’s encouraged to do so if possible.

3. Videvo

Best for: specific shots and motion graphics

Videvo offers a ton of free video clips in high quality that are easily downloadable, perfect for supplementing video projects of any type.

The clips come with a variety of license options, so make sure to check the attribution info in the side panel.

4. Pixabay Video

Best for: HD footage and images

Pixabay is another site offering both images and videos in a huge array. The library is vast and covers everything from nature, to travel, to food & drink.

As with Pexels, the video and images from this library are completely free to use comemrcially and don’t require attribution.

5. Beachfront

Best for: a little bit of everything

Beachfront’s website is a little dated when compared to the others on this list, but that doesn’t detract from the footage on offer.

This resource is packed with some great B-roll clips, however not to the same extent of the previous two entries on the list.

Handy categories such as VJ Loops, timelapse, and cinemagraphs offer something a bit different, which could be extremely useful for specific projects.

6. Dareful

Best for: nature and cityscapes

While this beautifully presented website is limited in the number of videos it has on offer, they are all in stunning 4k quality.

If you need to supplement a video project with high quality nature and city scapes, this is a handy tool to have in your arsenal.

7. Freepik

Best for: vector graphics for animations

Freepik doesn’t offer video clips, however it has a vast array of images and vector files for free use (with attribution).

This is one of the best resources for us when creating animations and animated overlays. The library is continually growing, so it’s certainly one to bookmark if animated videos and GIFs are something you create.

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