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13 Zoom Backgrounds To Make Your Lockdown More Interesting

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Zoom is the new normal.

For work, for socialising, for catching up with relatives - it’s managed to burst onto the scene as the go-to video chatting software during the corona lockdown.

Aside from being reliable and super-easy-to-use, one of the key features which sets Zoom apart is the ability to have a bit of fun changing your background, as if you’re a weather reporter in front of a green screen. Of course this may not always be the most advisable thing to do in a serious corporate call with your board of directors, but for more informal meetings and social catch-ups it can be great fun.

So with this in mind, we’ve collated some of our favourite backgrounds to make sure you’re the center of attention at your Zoom party (or conference call).

Peeping Ainsley meets Windows XP

This one never fails to get a laugh. There’s something about the cheeky, playful look in Mr. Harriot’s eyes that bring joy to all those who encounter him.

Add in such an iconic Window’s background and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Karaoke Car Call

This one’s perfect for when the Zoom party is in full-swing and has more-or-less descended into 20 people singing loudly and badly at their screens.

Whatever your thoughts on 1d or James Corden, it’s bound to cement you as the prime singing talent in the Zoom Call.

Let’s Get Weird

For the internet connoisseurs, this Don't Hug Me I’m Scared background should be reserved for no earlier than 2am.

Drop it as your background just as things are starting to get weird - when there are a few empty chairs, a few solo dancers, and one or two intense conversations happening over each other.


One of the greatest memes generated in the last decade, this needs no introduction or explanation.

A Touch of Class

Occasionally Zoom calls (usually of the social variety) can descend into raucousness.

In these instances, it’s on you to bring the tone back up and inject a bit of sophistication into the proceedings. How better than to transport yourself into the smoking room of the National Liberal Club, adorned with chesterfields and rich mahogany?

Take a Break

Amidst all this virus-related chaos, sometimes it’s nice to completely take your mind off the news and daily infection counts with something entirely unrelated - a lovely cold beer on a nice warm beach.

Creepy Cellar Man

On the face of it, this might seem like a classy, if darkly-lit, background which might make for a nice, sophisticated adornment to your Zoom call.

Take a closer look however, and you will see possibly the creepiest pair of eyes to have made it to our cinema screens since Pennywise.

For those who haven’t yet seen the Oscar-winning Korean film Parasite, I’d encourage you to use your lockdown time to do just that.

Let’s Play a Little Game

The iconic bathroom scene from Saw is likely to be embedded in the minds of anyone who’s seen it.

Sure, it’s disturbing, graphic, gory, and generally horrendous, but it makes for a great Zoom background - especially if the lockdown is still in place by Halloween (please no).

Aragog & Friends

This is just really upsetting. There’s no other way to describe it.

Drop this in as your background, completely unannounced, and hear the horrified screams erupt from every corner of your Zoom call.

Amazing Everything

Just occasionally you need something to reflect your inner aura. Something to show the world who you are on the inside. And a picture can say a thousand words.

If, like me, your essence can only really be summed up by a Star Wars bounty hunter riding on the back of a dinosaur holding a rocket launcher, who in turn is riding on the back of a fire-breathing shark, then this background could be perfect for your next Zoom call.

WFH Inception

The viral video of a BBC correspondent being interrupted by his children was a huge hit a couple of years ago. But now, as we’re all forced into lockdown, it has a new relevance.

Put this as your Zoom background and it will be like you’re being interrupted by the reporter, being interrupted by his kids. It’s like a work from home Inception.

Exotic Taste

The show which seems to have captured the nation’s heart during the Great British Lockdown has been, indisputably, Tiger King on Netflix.

This perfect image sums up much of the show, and will act as a beautiful backdrop to any social Zoom call (or even professional, if you’re feeling brave).


One of the most iconic hallmarks of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic has, bizarrely enough, been toilet paper. Global shortages due to panic-buying and stockpiling have affected all corners of the world.

What better way to remind ourselves of what is apparently most important in life, than dedicating our Zoom backgrounds to our thin, quilted rarities?

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